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Our Smart Units
Our industrial and warehousing units are equipped with advanced systems such as:

  • Easy entry to the unit
  • Adequate truck driveways & well-maintaned entrances
  • Spacious docks for loading and unloading
  • Scalability to accommodate expansion
  • Smart Surveillance Cameras & Security System
  • A.I. Rack and Shelving Management System


7km (10 minutes) to Sungai Petani (Utara) PLUS toll


45km (44 minutes) to Penang Port-NBCT Butterworth, Penang


65km (1 hour) to Penang International Airport

Penang Technology Park @ Bertam

25km (38 minutes) to Penang Technology Park@Bertam

Kulim Hi-Tech Park

33km (40 minutes) to Kulim Hi-Tech Park

Malaysian Medical Technology Mak Mandin

38km (50 minutes) to Malaysian Medical Technology Mark Mandin

GigaBit Network Connectivity

Each industrial property unit seamlessly connected through a robust fiber optic network with rapid data transmission of 1 gigabit per seconds (1 Gbps), allowing smooth integration of IoT devices and automation system.

Smart Energy

Utilized solar photovoltaic panels and LED lighting systems for energy consumption wise, and used high-efficiency heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems with smart grid integration for better energy management while maintaining a comfortable working environment.

Advanced Safety & Security Measures

AR and VR technology, A.I. detection technology and sensors detection technology are employed for training and operations within the worksite, while biometrics technology is utilized for accessing the worksite.

24 @ Sungai Petani
Smart Medium Industrial Property

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